Takumi Motor Oil offers superior performance when it comes to our range of synthetic engine oils. We believe that only the best should be put into our cars. The engine is the core component of our cars. It is what many would call it the heart of the car. Because of this, we should take the most care when choosing what oil to use.

Takumi has spent years with research and development on formulating the range of synthetic engine oil for different cars and driving purposes. If you are looking for the high performance, motorsports engine oil range, our Extreme Series is what you are looking for. Extreme Series is Takumi’s highly regarded series for performance. Using the latest advancement in technology, this synthetic oil series provides the highest level of protection for engines that are operating at extreme conditions.

Key Features:

  • Excellent high temperature stability and shear stability to provide the best protection against heat and wear.
  • Ideal for high performance sports engine cars. Crafted to protect and sustain high RPM.
  • Maximum power from your engine with improved sealing between piston ring and cylinder wall.
  • Superior cleaning technology and oxidation resistance.