Takumi Motor Oil – Developed in Japan. Made in Japan. Takumi Motor Oil is a new motor oil brand from Japan. The meaning of Takumi in Japanese is “skilled craftsman”. The interpretation is the highest level of excellence and craftsmanship developed over several generations and driven to perfection. This concept is reflected in the production, constant research and development of Takumi motor oil. At Takumi, there is only one clear goal: GENUINE MADE IN JAPAN and high quality motor oil at a reasonable price to people all over the world.

We aim to provide the best as we believe our cars deserve only the best. Takumi has taken into consideration the needs of the many different car manufacturers, including those of European, Korean and Japanese car manufacturers. Takumi has engine oil catering for performance seekers with our X-treme Series, to general everyday driving with the High Quality Series. We also have Gear and Transmission fluid. Also we have oil for engines that run on diesel. Click below to find out more!

Synthetic Engine Oil 


Mineral Engine Oil


Diesel Engine Oil