Our High Quality Synthetic Series is perfect for the best lubrication and protection an engine can get. This series is the core line of Takumi Motor Oil Series. Developed with blended Japanese craft and high technology. The High Quality Series embraces the core concept of Takumi Motor Oil, “high quality x low price”. Takumi has spent years with research and development on formulating the range of synthetic engine oil for different cars and driving purposes. This series provides the best of the best when it comes to protection for your engine. This series will give you the best protection with its high detergent and anti-friction properties. This is combined with stable thermal and oxidation resistance is what your car needs. It harnesses the core values of Takumi Motor Oil, where performance, quality and value meet to create the optimum engine oil for customers.

Key Features:

  • Protection against corrosion and provides excellent wear resistance
  • Long oil change cycles and superior cleaning technology to ensure that your engine, the cylinders and pistons is clean.
  • Protection against cold start-up and stable thermal resistance
  • Perfect for your everyday cars
  • ALSO suitable for turbocharged engines