With new technological advancements, automatic transmissions have become more complex. Takumi’s ATF and CVT are part of the Transmission Series. Ensuring your transmission is operating as designed starts with using the right oil for your car.

Takumi ATF D3 is a premium quality transmission fluid. Formulated with high quality synthetic base oils and advanced additives to craft only the best. Takumi ATF is crafted to provide excellent thermal and oxidation stability at high temperatures as well as excellent low temperature characteristics, friction protection and corrosion resistance.

Key Features:

  • Excellent low temperature performance and superior high temperature performance
  • Enhance friction durability prolongs transmission life and promotes smooth shifting.
  • Increase resistance to oil oxidation and degradation and improve cleanliness of transmission system

Takumi CVT is a premium quality transmission fluid for vehicles that are equipped with Continuously variable transmissions (CVTs). Continuously variable transmissions create unlimited gear ratios using a belt or chain running between two variable diameter pulleys.

Key Features:

  • Exceptional steel on steel friction durability maintains transmission performance
  • Good gear wear protection prolongs the performance and life of the transmission
  • High shear stability and enhanced antifoaming and air release characteristics maintain effective lubrication.