Takumi Top Tip - Xmas Getaway Check-list

Takumi Top Tip - Xmas Getaway Check-list

December 21, 2016

Going away on a road trip this Christmas getaway? Don’t forget to pre-check your car!

A basic car check before any road trip can potentially save you money and help reduce the risk of breakdowns during your road trip. A quick 15-minute check is all it takes and it’s quite easy to do. It's a good idea to perform them regularly.

  1. Check your lights are working. Don’t forget your brakes, headlights, indicators and reverse lights! A tip on how you can check your lights if there isn’t anyone around to help you. When your car is in the garage, turn on your car and lights to check the reflection against the wall.


  2. Check that glass surfaces are clean and free from chips, cracks and scratches.  
    A small chip or crack can get worse easily by going over a small pothole or bump. A quick patch up or replacement is recommended.
  3. Check that the windscreen wipers and washers are working fine.
  4. Check the wiper rubbers are secure and in good condition.
  5. Make sure the horn works.
  6. Check your brakes.
  7. Check the seat belts. Make sure it isn’t worn, visibly damaged or sun bleached. Give the belt a sharp tug to make sure that it will lock.
  8. Check tyre pressures and tyre condition, including tread depth. Don’t forget your spare tyre as well!


  9. Check the fluids in your car. Don’t forget to include your engine oil, coolant, water, brake fluid and transmission!

    Engine oil check 1
    Locate your dipstick!

    Check oil
    Wipe, re-dip and check the oil.

    MAX Level – tells you the max fill level for oil in your car. Your oil level should be at or near the max mark. Never go over!

    MIN Level – tells you the min fill level for oil in your car.

    If your oil is near or below the min mark, you require a top-up or an oil change. Recommended to schedule a service with your mechanic for an oil change (if unsure, seek mechanical advice).


Top up on fluid if needed or take your car to your mechanic to check it all out for you. One of our recommendations if you are from the Western Suburbs of Sydney, Cilia's Automotive Solutions!

There is nothing worse than a breakdown that could have been avoided to ruin your getaway. This quick pre-check is a recommendation from us. If you are unsure of anything, we advise you to ask your mechanic.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
From Takumi Motor Oil Australia