Do you know the 4 common filters in your car?

Do you know the 4 common filters in your car?

September 26, 2018

Did you know your car has a few filters to help keep your car running smooth? Here are 4 common filters and how they are used in your car.

Oil Filter

The oil filter helps to filter out and trap contaminants that could harm the engine. Examples of contaminants include metal shavings, sealant particles, dirt and dust. As the oil circulates the engine and lubricates each part, it picks up the contaminants. The filter will stop the contaminants from circulating back to the engine and purify the engine oil, so it can do its job efficiently.

Air Filter (Engine)

Not to get confused with the Cabin Filter, the Air Filter traps any impurities in the air from getting into the engine. The air filter prevents any insects, dust, particles, sand or debris reaching the engine and ensures a good mixture of air and fuel to support performance. The air filter should be checked during service and changed according to the service manual of your car.

Cabin Air Filter

The cabin filter cleans the air that comes into the interior of your car through the air vents. It filters out dust, pollen and other airborne particles to make the air cleaner and easier to breathe. Having a clean cabin filter will allow the filter to trap any contaminants and irritants that can cause trouble for people with allergies, asthma or other respiratory issues.

Fuel Filter

The fuel filter is the barrier that removes impurities like dust, dirt and rust that can clog up the fuel system. If these impurities get through the fuel system, it can reduce power or stop the car altogether. A clogged fuel filter will result in reduce flow and weaken performance as the engine will have difficulties drawing fuel. The fuel pump works much harder and some noticeable problems include poor acceleration or stalling. Wear and tear of parts can happen sooner and faster. For work vehicles that are driven everyday or carry a heavy load, it is good practice to have the filter checked and changed regularly for optimum performance and long life of the engine.